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Ode to Aspen

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It has been said that the source of happiness is gratitude. At Aspen True, this is a basic tenet that we believe.

As the owner and designer for Aspen True, I am grateful for my husband and my children, for my friends, and for my health.

Aspen True's founder and designer Jacqueline Lampert with her daughter Gracie in Aspen.


Just as importantly, I am grateful to live and design here in Colorado.

What makes Colorado so special? Maybe it's the vibrant, eclectic energy of downtown Denver, or the glorious, massive Rocky mountains that remind me and my team to keep things in perspective.

But for me, the town of Aspen is the jewel in Colorado's crown.

Aspen has the unique mix of a luxurious lifestyle rooted in earthiness and nature that attracts people from all over the world. From celebrities to ski enthusiasts to nature lovers, Aspen has an allure that resonates with an elegance that is real and approachable. This unique combination is what I strive to create in my designs, and offer to the world of fashion. 

Aspen, because of you, we are Aspen True. Thank you.

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