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Jacqueline Lampert - Aspen True's Founder Creating Jewelry By Hand In The Denver, Colorado Studio.I have always had a love for beautiful things... a fiery Colorado sunset descending over the Rocky Mountains, gardens blooming with color and fragrance, sleek furniture creating a sense of calm and harmony, jewelry... especially jewelry.

I began AspenTrue in 2014 by creating necklaces that I couldn't find, but dreamed of wearing. Iridescent baroque pearls, delicate, shimmering chains... interesting combinations of mixed materials that were exciting and unique. One necklace, carefully created by hand led to twenty, and AspenTrue was born.

Today, AspenTrue has grown into a luxury lifestyle brand, encompassing designer jewelry, pure cashmere, and handbag collections. I personally design every style in our Denver, Colorado studio.

I believe that women who wear AspenTrue share my perspective on fashion and design: The clothes and accessories that we wear are personal forms of self-expression. They reflect our aspirations, our concept of beauty, and how we see ourselves. I hope that women will feel uplifted and transformed when they wear AspenTrue.

I am so proud of how AspenTrue has grown. I am thankful for all the talented and hard-working individuals - from artisans to admin - who have joined me on this exhilarating and exciting journey. 


Jacqueline Lampert
Creative Director & Founder

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